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Numer katalogowy: 3002099930
Kod EAN: 716770076410

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The Precision Pump Head Pump maximizes your pleasure and increases blood flow to create your best erection yet. The Head Pump draws blood directly into the head of your penis to awaken those sensitive nerves and give you an irresistibly fuller appearance. The American Pumpers Association said, “Attention Head Pumpers…this is the real deal!” And they weren’t kidding. The pump seamlessly blends pleasure and lasting erection benefits to give you an all-in-one experience. The silicone donut is tapered for the maximum seal you need to get truly lasting benefits for your love life. The donut wraps firmly but gently at the edge of your head to create heavenly suction. To use your new pump, pull the cylinder and sleeve onto the head of your penis and squeeze the easy-grip trigger handles on your pump to seal your penis into the vacuum cylinder. If you need to release the suction, a push-button release allows you to release the air from the cylinder and your penis from its embrace. The flexible, non-crimping hose makes pumping in your favorite positions a breeze. The donut can be easily removed if you prefer a different feel. The cylinder measures in at 3.5 inches by 2.25 inches and the pump itself is 3 inches in diameter. - See more at:

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